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French jeep licking

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I outran a Tennessee cop on Interstate 40 West into Arkansas in a Chrysler T&C wagon with a 400+ hp 440 in the mid-eighties. It looked like this:

I quietly close the door and take my shoes off.

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One arm is laying across your chest, your elbow covering one breast, your hand ineffectively covering the other. Your head is turned to the left, allowing me to see the nape of your neck to your jaw line. The beautiful image that kept me going all of this time while I was away was a memory no longer.

The realization that you were mine again overtook me. I sat down on the bed beside you, leaned over and kissed your neck right below your ear.

You make a soft whimper and readjust yourself. I rest my hand on the side of your face and lightly run my thumb across your cheek like I've always done. Your eyebrows furrow as if confused.

..the end of the story look at the video above ↑ ↑ ↑
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09.03.2018 20:41:27 Nasida:

Hey, that Grundy is a brilliant player.. BRILLIANT!


10.03.2018 5:38:58 Arashirisar:

Nope. He didn't seem her out. Thats not premeditated, it just happened. You're extremely illinformed as usual.


11.03.2018 18:54:09 Nirisar:

Why? Its in the text and describes string theory. Vibrations made up of force carrying elements and unseen matter, substance elements which make up everything. God walking thru walls, appearing etc describes alternate dimensions. Its the theory of everything


21.03.2018 3:30:13 Mishicage:

Would they? Quote them.


23.03.2018 2:28:01 Nele:

While it is true that an act can be homosexual, homosexual also refers to a sexual orientation. You know this to be true as you started your rebuttal with the word "or".


23.03.2018 12:03:49 Nagar:

So you have no answer?


03.04.2018 5:04:44 Arashile:

No, I didn't. Read it more carefully, really focus, and try again.


12.04.2018 17:25:44 Vilrajas:

Lance, I respect what you've said. But your understanding of scripture has a depth that most laypersons do not share. Too many Christians lack the nuance that you evince, on the one hand, & too many polemicists are ready to bash all of Xnity based on scriptural problems, on the other hand. On boards such as this, the extreme positions are loud in contrast to the balanced voices.

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French jeep licking
French jeep licking
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